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    Our IoT provides continuous, remote and automated monitoring, resulting costs reductions, quality improvements and faster processes.


The wireless industrial IoT monitoring system consists of a network of sensor nodes, which can send their data via an IoT gateway data to any computer network or cloud platform. We offer two different nodes: the industrial sensor nodes measure and monitor tri-axial vibration and surface temperature of (rotating) equipment, such as pumps, motors, agitators and mixers. The ambient nodes monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, ambient light, noise level and air pressure.

The battery-powered nodes are stick-and-play: They can be easily and cost-effectively mounted on existing equipment, but can also be part of large-scale mesh networks for collecting sensor data in smart buildings, cities and factories.

Smart industrial IoT solution for condition monitoring of various machines
"The smart IoT sensor network enables our customers to monitor any room or machine 24/7, without expensive wired equipment. This makes it a particularly cost-effective way to start monitoring assets that are not yet monitored on a large scale, and therefore we see this new IIoT sensor solution as a nice valuable addition to our existing portfolio," said Thijs Haselhoff, managing director of Althen BV.


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