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    High-tech, scalable sensor solutions for work pressure reduction and improved care in the healthcare sector

The SmartBed

SmartBed is an IoT sensor solutions in healthcare beds to monitor the position, absence or presence of the client. Currently, our population is ageing and is in need of more and more care. Nursing is short of hands and is under constant pressure, especially at night, due to a shortage of qualified care staff and financial constraints. This sensor solution can reduce workload of nursing personnel and improve care for clients. With the innovative SmartBed an extra pair of eyes is watching.


Monitoring leads to work pressure reduction and improved care

The SmartBed contains sensors that determine the presence and absence of the client. The bed also detects whether a client is sitting on the edge of the bed. By monitoring these two statuses, false alarms are minimized and workload is reduced. The prevention of bedsores (decubitus) is an important focus point in care. Preventive measures, when clients turn over every 3 to 4 hours, are very labor intensive. In practice, many clients turn on their own. The SmartBed monitors which clients turn on their own, because the sensors register the posture of the client. Because of this secure monitoring, a better turning policy can be implemented.


The signals reach the caregiver

The smart module, attached under the bed, can be linked to currently implemented IT systems in the care sector. These can be either existing or new platforms. Via the device (e.g. the caregiver's cell phone) the desired alarm eventually reaches the end point.


Scalable concept

The scalability of this concept is unique. The smart-ready mattress is offered at the same price as the healthcare mattresses. Care institutions can make use of these smart functionalities at any time, with a data subscription model at low cost.

Want to know more how SmartBed can help you in reducing workload, improve care and safe costs? Or would you like us to develop a similar system as SmartBed for you? Contact us!



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