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    Your end-to-end Industrial IoT partner
    Our IoT provides continuous, remote and automated monitoring, resulting costs reductions, quality improvements and faster processes.

Custom Development

Althen can develop, produce, integrate and maintain any IIoT measurement system as needed.

A completely new, fully wireless, IoT measurement solution can be developed and installed from scratch within 3 months.

We can create measurement systems measuring any physical parameter.

What are you looking to improve with our Industrial IoT?
We are able to deliver a turn-key measurement solution which not only contains development and production of the hardware but also development of the dashboard, installation and help getting started.

Contact & Locations


Telephone: +49 (6195) 70060

E-mail: Info@althen.de


The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

Telephone: +31 (0) 70392 44 21 

E-mail: sales@althen.nl


Althen Sweden

Telephone: +46 (08) 555 36 220

E-mail: Info@althensensors.com


Althen France

Telephone: +33 (04) 67 78 6166

E-mail: Info@althensensors.fr


Althen USA & Canada

Telephone: +1858 633 3572

E-mail: Info@althensensors.com