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The first SmartBrick has been installed

Published: 22-10-2021

The first SmartBricks from Althen were installed on Tuesday 12 October at the Overamstel Testing location. SmartBrick originated from an innovation competition of the Municipality of Amsterdam, where it achieved the highest score out of 46 entries in two previous phases of this program.

SmartBrick is currently being implemented to validate the concept before it is rolled out to potentially 200 kilometers of quay walls in Amsterdam.

SmartBrick: a concept to make quay monitoring scallable and affordable

Smartbrick is a new IoT sensor designed for affordable and accurate monitoring of civil infrastructure (quays, foundations, buildings, etc.). Smartbrick detects and monitors slope and other physical parameters with high accuracy and instantly transmits this data wirelessly to an online control center. It is unique in its combination of accurate daily measurements, integrated AI and ultra-low power consumption, creating a completely wireless, easy-to-install, battery-powered and low-cost measurement system.

“Smartbrick is a low-cost, high-tech, plug-and-play monitoring device that can monitor large-scale structures and thus prevent future collapse of quay walls and infrastructure,” said Bernd Rietberg, Business Development Manager Althen Industrial IoT. Due to the rise of new electronics and industrial IoT, these types of concepts are becoming accessible and scalable.”