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About Us

"Innovative and scalable custom IoT solutions for cost reductions, better processes and quality improvements". 

We, Althen Industrial IoT, combine reliable data derived from smart sensor technologies with user-friendly dashboards to provide custom solutions to improve your operations. As a subsidiary company of Althen Sensors and Controls, we combine our passion of sensor technologies and over forty years of sensor experience to build the perfect custom made solution to your problems. We offer a number of fully customizable, high-tech smart solutions that can be easily implemented to improve monitoring, maintenance and safety. 

Through developing smart sensors that measure physical parameters of machinery and structures, we are able to analyze quality data in user-friendly dashboards. By delivering this derived quality data, we enable our customer to reduce operation and maintenance costs or even prevent machine failure. By developing and deploying custom built technologies, monitoring structural or machinery health and advising on reducing maintenance costs, we work towards providing a more sustainable future for our customers.


Do you have a very complex issue? challenge us! 

With our multi disciplinary team and long-term sensor experience, we haven't found a measurement problem we can't handle yet. Therefore, we dare you to challenge us with your measurement complications. It doesn't matter if the problem seems to big or hard. With the combination of teamwork, hard work and experience, we are positive that we can make the impossible possible!



Althen Industrial IoT
Bernd Rietberg 

Mobile +31 (0)6 111 294 88
E-mail: b.rietberg@althen.nl

Verrijn Stuartlaan 40
2288 EL Rijswijk
Telephone +31 (0)70 392 44 21

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Althen IoT Team

Thijs Haselhoff

Managing Director

Davy Louwers

Project Manager

Sylvio Puzzo

Development Lead

Martijn Brummelhuis

Development Engineer


Every industry has its own applications and requirements. As a long-standing partner in the field of sensor technology and applications, we know the special features of the individual industries.

We offer several branche programs each designed to meet the requirements of the specific industry. Benefit from our experience - your requirements are optimally met even with the highest demands. 

Click on the industry that matches your application and you will find examples for the specific measurement solutions.

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