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    End-to-end Industrial IoT solutions for the future
    We develop, produce and implement custom hardware solutions to solve problems
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    Smartbrick IoT sensor solution
    Detect and monitor movements of a quay or bridge, and sends this data directly wirelessly to an online control center.
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    Wireless IoT Vibration Monitoring Solution
    Smart industrial IoT measurement solution for condition monitoring applications

Welcome to Althen Industrial IoT

Althen Industrial IoT develops, produces and implements custom hardware solutions to solve problems. By implementing these devices and coupling them with our secure back-end and easy-to-use dashboard, we help our customer to get started. This helps us to solve our customers problems, whether it's their goal to reduce costs, improve quality, increase safety or control their operations.

This will help you improve your operations and enables you to make better data driven decisions. Consequently, our customers have reduced their monitoring costs by up to 86%.

Our Solutions


SmartBrick is an industrial IoT sensor designed for affordable and accurate monitoring of civil infrastructure: quay walls, foundations, buildings, etc.

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The SmartCrackr accurately and remotely monitors a crack in three dimensions, for up to 10 years. Easy installation and monitoring.


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With SmartMonitoring our customers can monitor any room or machine 24/7, without expensive wired equipment.                 


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A cost-effective, wireless and retrofit-ready bolt monitoring solution is a holy grail in offshore and infrastructure bolt connection monitoring. 

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With our decades-old expertise in industrial sensors, we can create solutions for the most complex industrial measurements problems.   


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Your Solution?

Are you looking for a custom IoT sensor solution? Contact us to see how we can help.


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Our Services

End-to-End Solution

A custom solution to your problem. Fully integrated with a data collecting dashboard to monitor your machinery, infrastructure or hardware.  


Analyze data from one of our innovative, implemented custom hardware solutions to reduce monitoring costs, improve your operations and data driven decisions. 

Custom Development

A completely new, fully wireless, IoT measurement solution can be developed and installed from scratch within 3 months.

"The many beautiful canals of Amsterdam require constant monitoring, but current methods are not scalable and too expensive. SmartBrick is a very cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-deploy solution."

Work with us

40+ years of sensor experience

With a history and trackrecord of over 40 years in the sensor industry, Althen has vast experience with developing custom sensor solutions and measurement systems.

Fast, Flexible and Easy to Implement

We focus on making your work hassle free. Our solutions are easy to implement into our clients' processes. Installation is very quick, versatile and easy, resulting in fast improvements in short timescales.

Complex issues made simple

Challenge us. We haven’t found a measurement problem we can’t handle. Will yours be the first? Challenge us!


Nominated Innovation Award Cobouw 2021

The Cobouw Awards is a yearly event of the biggest building industry magazin of the Netherlands. SmartBrick was part of the last five nominees of the Cobouw Innovation Award.

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First SmartBricks installed in Amsterdam

The first SmartBricks from Althen are installed at the Overamstel Testing location. Goal is validate the concept before it is rolled out to potentially 200 kilometers of quay walls.


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SmartBrick to next phase innovation competition

Althen Sensors & Controls has reached the next phase of the SBIR innovation competition for monitoring bridges and quay walls for the Municipality of Amsterdam. 


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